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This post is going to be a little different. I’m taking a different route on this post, a little detour. I figured that, well, you are getting to know me and know my thoughts… It’s about time you got to know my other half too. We have come up with 12 questions, and you’ll get to read both of our comments. Because, well, there’s always two sides to a story, right ? His..Mine.. & the truth (mine). Sooo, without further ado… I present to you, Tyler & Stefon Davis

1.What would the best version of you be ?

  • T: The best version of me would be the calm and stress free me. The me that goes wherever the wind blows. When i’m not overthinking, I feel like supermom, superwoman, ‘Super’ everything. I’d have my coffee shop so I could be in a chill space at all times and make my own hours. & I would take my family on spur of the moment trips to whatever destination our hearts land.
  • S: Living somewhere on a beach or lake in Costa Rica with my cigar (i.e he doesn’t smoke) sipping on my tequila, and getting my feet rubbed by my wife (he doesn’t even let me touch his feet).. toes jams & all. 

2.If you could travel to any country for a month, where would it be ?

  • T: Damn..that’s a tough one. I have quite a few places I want to travel to, and if its a flight that is longer than 12 hours, no matter where, I’m staying for at least a month. But I would probably say Zanzibar or any country in Africa. I feel I would need at least a month to experience just a taste of Africa. 
  • S: I would definitely go back to Bali for a month. 

3.What are each others most attractive trait?

  • T: I absolutely love his eyes. When we first started dating, I told him that he has really soft eyes. Well actually…. it may be a tie between his eyes and his beard. Gotta love a beard.
  • S: That must be a trick question. Hands & feet.. (y’all should’ve seen the face I gave him)

4.What life experiences did you miss out on? 

  • T: I missed out on some more party nights & more nights out with the girls, those nights where I had no idea how I made it home. I missed out on my studying abroad experience in London. I was pregnant with Ezra at 20 and gave birth at 21, so I missed out on a little. But you know, YOLO though. 
  • S: I would most definitely say college life, and not having another experience as far as a roommate goes. We been living together since the beginning. I haven’t lived with anybody else besides my mom and then you. 

5.When/Where did you meet?

  • T: We met at a high school basketball game. He attended the school, I attended a different school but was there to see a different guy I was dating ….*blushes*…in 2010
  • S: Tucker basketball game. Plain & simple.

6. Where was our first date:

  • T: Hmmmm… We went out MANY times, but I wouldn’t call them dates.. Let Stefon tell it, they were, although he always seemed to have some sort of ‘boo thang’. So I’d say Joes Crab Shack was our first real date. 
  • S: Where was our first date? Like, which one? *long pause* …. I don’t know, I took you to the movies plenty of times. ( He legit took me to the movies maybe twice before we officially got together)

“Its the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

7. Who said “I love you” first?

  • T: I did.. End of Story.
  • S: ME! Even though Tyler would say she said it first, but we weren’t even in a relationship when she said it.

8. What is something little that I do that makes you smile?

  • T: When I open up the refrigerator and I see a Coca Cola sitting there, that Stefon put just for me.
  • S: …………….. (his answer had to get bleeped out)

9. What do we usually argue about?

  • T: Forgetting romance in our relationship…..& me leaving the lights on.
  • S: *cough cough* .. Cleaning ( I knew he was going to say that, so predictable) … & How I don’t listen and how I put Tyler at the bottom of the barrel.

10. What is the number one thing that makes a relationship last, in your experience?

  • T: Communication! Cliche’ but Oh so true!
  • S: Sex..Lots of it. 

11. Whats your favorite meal to cook on date night?

  • T: Anything asian. We made homemade Pho & Thai tea the last time we cooked together.
  • S: Pssh. We don’t cook on date night, Tyler always wants me to spend money on date night.

12. What is your favorite part about our first kiss?

  • T: My favorite night, hands down! Welp! Sorry guys, its story time. Can’t do this question any justice if I don’t explain. It was my 20th Birthday and we were celebrating at the club (Mansion Elan). I had on a tight, green, velvet dress ( You couldn’t tell me not a thing — see pic below). Stefon surprised me by showing up. I came to his section in the club & then Rihanna feat. Future: Love Song came on, and that was that. I don’t know if it was all the flashing lights or just the way that song sounds in the club, but it was definitely a vibe. Felt like it was just us in a room full of people.
  • S: That nothing else mattered in that moment… seemed like everything was moving in slow motion. 

-est. 2013-


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  1. That last question damn near caught a few tears. ♥️♥️ I pray y’all marriage Lasts a happy lifetime

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