No Boys Allowed!

Being a wife & mom is nothing short of amazing. Definitely tiring and stressful 99.7% of the time, but for sure the most important piece of me. However, its not the only piece of me. Between working, wiping baby butts, multiple grocery store trips, and no sleep, I began to get lost in my kids and my husband. And not too long ago, I had lost touch with friends for reasons I don’t even know. I had even convinced myself that I didn’t need anybody else. It took a few years, but I finally snapped out of it. I had finally regained some sort of sense of self and started where I left off with people other than whom I shared a household with. And what better way to do that than plan a girls night! .. Furthermore, a girls night with non other than Sakiyna Jones…(

Were  talking about a friendship since 5th grade. Im talking someone who knew me back from sports bras, to braces, and depressed teenage love days… Boy … If walls could talk!

And fast forward to now, Sakiyna is one of the most positive, loving, and motivational women that I know. If you tell her you’re interested in something, she will literally drag you until you’ve risen to your potential. Negative thought? “Uh uh, you better stop that”. A friend who sees a diamond in the rough when all you see is a rock stuck in the mud….. So yeah! We needed a getaway, a quick stay-cation, and we did just that.

Now everybody who knows the real me, knows that I do NOT like to spend money….well, let me rephrase.. I don’t like to spend my OWN money. So we were going to have to get a little creative with the girls night plans. Luckily, I had remembered that I won a free night at Hotel Clermont. And with a batting of the eyelashes we’re upgraded to the ‘Ruby Suite’ which is filled with vintage feels, velvet couches, and an en-suite claw foot tub. Why yes! Don’t mind if I do! So the stay was checked off of our to do list. And the rest, we would just go where the wind takes us. 

The recipe for a successful girls night is wine..more wine.. a shot of tequila, or three.. wings.. & good convo. Girls night is a chance to unwind, forget your troubles, and let out a good cry if need be. Now a cry did not happen in our case, but its okay to if needed. This is a judgement free zone. 

Well our night started off at Greens Beverages on Ponce, okay.. we may have made a couple trips there… And? Ofcourse we couldn’t drink responsibly if we didnt eat as well, so we found ourselves inside of Dugans to get a simple classic…wings & fries (fancy huh!) A salad is a NO NO at girls night, remember… carefree. I cannot stress this enough! We were so free that we ended up at the Clermont Lounge. You cannot stay at Hotel Clermont and not go to the lounge downstairs. Now if you’re use to the glitz and glam and 5 star treatments, this may not be your place. Instantly walking through the door, we were greeted with cigarette smoke and a “No blocking the f***ing entrance, keep it moving!” You will look to your left and see a group of business men all with their ties loosened and wrinkled shirts getting a lap dance with no dollar bills in their hands. And then look to the right to see someones grandmother crushing a PBR can with her boobs…now this my friend, is what you call no judgement. Let the manners go out the door, relax, and have a good laugh. No pictures were taken here, this one is solely one for the memories.  

Just like that, we ended up back in our suite and before we knew it, started dancing to old hits from high school.. from Soulja Boy to D4L. We even had a mini photoshoot at 3 A.M. I honestly have no idea what time we actually fell asleep, just when the walls started spinning. The only regret is the reminder in the morning that our bodies are not the same from years ago…. & I would do it all again. 

Grab your best Gal Pal in 3….2….1… and get to planning, or just go with the flow. Be that person you knew before all the responsibility hit, she’s in there somewhere. Laugh the night away beautiful!

"A good friend knows all of your stories; A best friend helped you write them."

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